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SAIL S.r.l. - a company operating in insurance and risk management fields – created CHIRONE Project – Health Risk Management.
The Project is aimed at purposing an efficient service to optimize the clinical risk management in all its different features and respecting the specific characteristics of every organization. This Project is addressed to the operators from the whole health and insurance world.
SAIL, through this instrument, wants to supply its support to the companies operating in the health and insurance field, looking at all the risk management features.
The main target of the Project is to reduce the clinical risk and to restrain the insurance costs, protecting both public and private hospitals and their staff.


SAIL, in order to reach its aims, deals with all the aspects of the clinical risk management, through a flexible approach suitable to needs of each organization. Through a correct management of the most sensitive risk areas, it is possible to intervene considerably reducing negative events, this using a proactive and reactive analysis. The prevention, together with a swift forensic scientist intervention, is one of the main features of the Projects. Managing the clinical risk it’s highly important:

•   to train medical and administrative staff;
•   to point out the most suitable procedures and protocols     to prevent and reduce the impact of a negative event.

The Project provides a continuing staff training plan about main subject.


The Project can be modelled and modified following needs and features of any requiring client.
SAIL’s aim is to offer a dynamic tool able to face the most different companies needs, respecting the declared target and the specific features of each client. As an example, a standard plan can be structured as follow:

•   Analysis and mapping of the risks.
•   Risks prevention.
•   Procedures rulings.
•   Organizative protocols and routes identification.
•   Training about the health documents, including training     and proof of the agreement to the medical act, following     the most recent guide lines and case law.
•   Risks management linked to the health and security     working place laws.
•   Risks management linked to the use and the     maintenance of the electro-medical equipment.
•   Risks management linked to the drug-surveillance,     medical equipment, blood transfusion and other main     characteristics.
•   Communication techniques of the negative event,     oriented to reduce the misunderstanding and the     consequent patient and family hostility.


The Project is managed by a Scientific Committee composed by Risk Management experts, with both medical and law backgrounds.
The Committee is coordinated by MD. Mr. Raffaele Ciccarelli, who links to the forensic-scientist background and administrative one.
Counselling and training activities are carried out by long time experience specialists, with forensic-scientist backgrounds about all the subjects possibly involved in the Project.

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